1. Make sure you download the Parity Signer app from the original source here: https://www.parity.io/signer/ if you haven't already.

    Note: It is recommended to install Parity Signer on an old phone that you don't use anymore. If you never connect this phone to the internet again once you have downloaded the Parity Signer app, then you have a great (and free) alternative to an offline hardware wallet. 

  2. Begin by clicking on Profile in the upper right corner

  3. Now select Add Identity

  4. Choose Recover Existing Identity

  5. Give it a name that you can recognise later and enter the words of your mnemonic phrase and click on the Recover button.

  6. Set your PIN

  7. On the next screen, select Ethereum to view your ETH address and QR code.

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