Validators can only pay out to 256 nominators per era. 


If more than 256 nominators nominate the same validator, it is "oversubscribed", and only the top 256 staked nominators (ranked by the amount of stake) are paid rewards. 


In other words, if a validator is oversubscribed and your stake is in place 257 or higher, you will not receive staking rewards. 

So how can you check whether you're earning or not? 

There are two ways:

1. Go to Network --> Staking --> Account Actions

You should see a list of your active, inactive, and waiting nominations here. 

If, however, your active validator is currently oversubscribed and you are affected, instead of active nominations, you will see oversubscribed nominations in red. 

Click on the red >> icon to see which validator is oversubscribed. 

If this happens, you may want to switch validators. To do this, go to the Targets tab to make a new selection. Bear in mind that the change will only take effect at the end of the next era, so it could take up two days. 

2. Go to Network --> Staking --> Staking Overview

This will allow you to see how far away from the top 256 nominators you are with your stake. 

When a validator is oversubscribed it will have a red “scale icon next to its name and you will see two >> icons: one in black, one in red. 

Clicking on the black >> icon shows a list of the addresses in the top 256. 

Clicking on the red >> icon gives the list of those who are not getting rewards. If your address is part of this list, you will recognize it by the account name you have given it. You will also be able to compare your stake amount to the ones in the top 256. 

To understand this topic in more detail, please check out our Wiki

In order to begin earning rewards again, go to the Targets tab to change your validators.