Unfortunately scams are very common in the crypto space as you can see here. and by now, unfortunately, Polkadot also has imposters using the Polkadot name in order to scam our community.  

Do not send any money! 

If you accidentally fall for such a scam and send money to the fraudsters, no third party - including Web3 Foundation - can get your funds back. Blockchain payments are irreversible, which makes them so attractive to scammers. 

That's why it's important to be very skeptical and always confirm the source first, no matter how professional the video looks. 

Our official Youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/PolkadotNetwork - please bookmark this one so you can protect yourself better in the future. If you see videos like this, please always check if they are coming from the official source. Also, if you see for example a crypto exchange promote a giveaway, check if the video was posted by their official youtube channel or contact their official customer support to confirm.

Help us report the scammers!

We are reporting every video to have it taken down as quickly as possible and we would appreciate your help! The more people report these, the faster they can be taken down and the better we protect our community members from getting scammed. Here is how to report a video: 

1. Click on the flag icon underneath the video


2. Select "Spam or misleading" --> "Scams or fraud"


3. On the next page, simply click REPORT or add a comment that this is an imposter of the official Polkadot Network. 

Thank you for your help!