"When trying to withdraw DOT from Binance, I get a message asking me to make sure that my account is able to receive batch transactions. Is my Ledger Polkadot account capable of that?"

Yes it is! 

You can receive batch transactions whether you have set up your account in polkadot.js directly, or via the polkadot{js} browser plugin, your Ledger or Parity Signer

"I am uncertain since the Polkadot Wiki says, the Ledger 'supports most of the transaction types of the network (a notable exception is the "Batch" transaction from the Utility pallet).' 

While your Ledger can receive batch transactions, it cannot send batch transactions. 

So receiving funds from an exchange like Binance is safe, however when sending funds from your Ledger, you will only be able to send single transactions, not batch transactions.

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