Parity Technologies launched a campaign to celebrate the coming of parachains to Kusama by giving a free NFT to the first 9999 lucky participants who registered in the campaign. The collection features three interpretations of the Kusama canary by Berlin-based artists AwerVidam and Andreas Preis. The works were painted on a section of the Berlin wall now used as an open canvas for artists to freely express themselves, reflecting Kusama’s vision of breaking down the walls of Big Tech’s centralized web and returning control to individuals.

If you are one of the lucky participants, congratulations on winning one of the first NFTs created on Statemine! Statemine is Kusama's common-good parachain that allows the creation of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. You can read more about it here.

During the claim process you are asked if you want to claim the NFT to a new account or an existing one. If you choose to claim to a new account, you'll be presented with a mnemonic phrase that you need to write down on paper and keep it secret and safe. 

Then you need to download the Polkadot extension and restore the account using the mnemonic phrase that you wrote down during the claim process. To restore in the extension check the instructions in this guide, after the first three options that refer to the Polkadot-JS UI.

If you choose to claim to an existing account, if that account is already in the Polkadot extension, you're all set! 

If you choose an account on Parity Signer, then you need to add this account in the Polkadot extension by clicking on the "+" sign in the extension and choosing "Attach external QR-signer account":

Finally, if you enter an address manually, then you need to restore that account in the extension with its mnemonic phrase, following the same instructions as above.

Regardless of which method you choose, your account needs to exist in the Polkadot extension. Once that's done, then you can see your NFT if you go to the Singular app and connect the account through the Polkadot extension:

Then "Your Space" button will appear, which you can click to see the NFTs in your account:

At the moment there will only be the one you claimed.

Please note that the NFT is not available for sale at this point; this is a feature that will be added in the future. But you can still "gift" the NFT by sending it to another account. The following option is at the bottom of the NFT page:

Also note that the link above is for NFTs on the Statemine parachain. Normally though the default network on Singular is Kusama, so if you visit the site again make sure you're on Statemine through the drop-down menu on the top right.