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This article explains how you can connect your Ledger account directly to the Staking Dashboard

You can also add your accounts as read-only or through the extensions.


Ledger can only be connected using Chromium-based browsers, like Google Chrome or Brave.


How to Connect Your Ledger

1. Connect your Ledger to the computer, unlock it, and open the Polkadot app.

2. On the Staking Dashboard, click on the "Connect" button in the top right corner:

3. If this is the first time you use the dashboard, you will be presented with all the possible options. Click on the Ledger option under "Hardware":

4. Your default Polkadot Ledger account will appear. Click the "Import" button next to it:

If you don't use the default account type of 0, click the "Get another account" button to generate an account with type 1, 2, etc.

5. Click the "Done" button, and confirm the account import:

6. You will be taken back to the different connection options. Click "Go To Accounts," and choose your Ledger account from the list:

You have now successfully connected your account to the dashboard!

Now you can start staking or join a nomination pool. Check this article to see what else you can do on the Staking Dashboard.

How to Disconnect Your Ledger

1. On the Staking Dashboard, click on the "Accounts" button in the top right corner:

2. Click "Disconnect" next to your Ledger account to disconnect it or select another account to connect that one instead.