We are pleased to introduce the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program, an initiative designed to boost developers' personal and professional growth within the Polkadot ecosystem. In this article, you'll find the structure and goals of the program, offering a way for developers to improve their skills and contribute to the Polkadot community.


What is the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program?

The Polkadot Developer Heroes Program aims to build a strong, global community of developers from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience. This program is structured to enable developers to acquire and share knowledge, and contribute to the evolving Polkadot ecosystem.

Why join the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program?

Participating in the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program offers personal and professional development opportunities. We provide many resources to help you elevate your skills and gain recognition within the Polkadot community.

From Rookie to Hero

The program welcomes developers at all stages of their journey, making it accessible to newcomers and seasoned devs. It encourages participants to move from beginner to expert, materializing their commitment to the Polkadot technology stack and their role in promoting its adoption, including deploying Substrate chains, tools for Polkadot, Ink! development, etc.

Becoming a Polkadot Developer Hero

To become a Polkadot Developer Hero, one must start by applying. After joining, members should actively contribute to the ecosystem by writing code, improving documentation, creating technical content, participating in hackathons, organizing events, etc. Concretely, there are many ways to contribute, for example:

  • Mentoring: Provide guidance and support to other community members through one-on-one or group mentoring sessions.
  • Helping on the community forums: Share your knowledge by answering questions on platforms such as Substrate and Polkadot StackExchange or the Polkadot forum.
  • Contributing to the Polkadot stack: Check and contribute to the open source tech stack through pull requests, issues reports, or bug fixes.
  • Creating content: Share your knowledge through blog posts, videos, or informative and engaging content on social media.
  • Speaking at events: Present workshops or talks at meetups and conferences to spread your knowledge.

Be part of the Polkadot Developer Heroes Program

It does not matter if you are looking for knowledge or to share your expertise, the Polkadot Developer Hero Program welcomes all developers interested in contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem. If you are eager to start this journey, sign up today and take your first step toward becoming a Polkadot Developer Hero. Your contribution will play an essential role in the growth and success of the thriving Polkadot ecosystem.