You can nominate validators (also known as “staking”) on Polkadot.js using these steps:

  1. Create a Polkadot account if you don’t have one already. 

  2. Go to the Polkadot.js main page  

  3. Click the Staking link in the Network tab above

  4. Click “Account actions” (on top). It may take a while to load.

  5. Click the “+ Nominator button” (top right). If you use a Ledger, please use this workaround.

  6. By default, Polkadot.js will try to auto-select a good subset of validators for you. It does this by estimating what your profits will be in terms of additional tokens that will be given to you as staking rewards. To choose this option, click “Bond and Nominate” 

    If you want to choose your own validators, turn the “automatic selection” button off, set up your validator list manually, and click “Bond and Nominate” when you have made your selection.

  1. Enter the password for your account.

  2. Sign & submit.

That’s it! When a new era occurs you will start gaining rewards.

When you bond your tokens you can still use them for on-chain governance but you will not be able to transfer them for the bonding period. 

Get more detailed information on nominating on Polkadot on our Wiki Nomination Guide or in the video below. 

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