Staking on Polkadot is not a passive activity as you may be used to from other networks. There are several reasons why you may stop receiving rewards, which is why it's worth double-checking and making some optimisations every now and then in order to ensure ongoing rewards. 

Before you follow the steps below, check your DOT address on a block explorer such as Subscan or Polkascan to verify whether you are receiving rewards or not. 

If you are definitely not receiving rewards, determine: 

  1. Is the amount you are staking lower than the currently required minimum of approximately 250 DOT? 

    As per our announcement on our blog, nominators with a stake lower than 200 DOT will not always be backing validators at the moment. On most days we manage to reduce this amount, however we cannot always guarantee that. In fact, due to the growing popularity of Polkadot and the growing number of nominators, this amount has been rising recently. 

    You can always check the minimum for the current era here.

  2. Have you bonded your DOT / KSM? You can double-check this in your account balance on the Accounts page:

    If you have no bonded tokens, please follow the instructions to nominate here

  3. Have you nominated at least one validator? If not, follow the instructions to nominate.

  4. Are you nominating too few validators? You can nominate up to 16 validators. The more you nominate, the higher your chances for receiving regular rewards. Not every validator makes it into the active set every day, so if you nominate too few validators you may not be receiving rewards every day. Still, make sure you only nominate validators that you trust. 

  5. Has it been at least 48 hours since you started nominating? Staking rewards will only begin coming in after enough time for new validator set selection has passed. 

  6. Do you have at least one active validator? Note that in the vast majority of cases, only a single active validator will be selected for a nominator per era. This is expected behavior. 

    Having multiple inactive or waiting validators is not a problem, unless none of them show as active. In that case, you can nominate more validators up to the maximum of 16. 

  7. Are any of your validators oversubscribed? If you are not among the top 256 nominators (in terms of stake) for a given validator, you will not receive rewards. To fix this, make a new selection and choose validators that are not oversubscribed yet. 

  8. Are you sending rewards to the correct address? Generally rewards are sent to either the stash or controller, but you can also choose to direct them elsewhere. 

  9. Have you checked to see if there is a pending payout? You can see this in the Payouts tab as per the image below.

    Payouts are done approximately every 24 hours. If you cannot wait, you can initiate the payout by clicking on the Payout button on the top right or the one next to your pending payment. Note that will cost you transaction costs, though. If you're not in a rush, simply wait for the next payout to arrive in your account. 

Please let us know below if you found this article helpful or email us at Support if we can be of further assistance.