Start your staking journey or explore more information about staking on Polkadot's Home Page. Discover the new Staking Dashboard that makes staking much easier and check our extensive article list to help you get started.

You can view your staking rewards on the new staking dashboard, or on block explorers such as Subscan or Polkascan

Staking Dashboard

To view your rewards on the Staking dashboard, navigate to the Payouts tab.

Here you can view:

  • total reward distribution for the current era
  • a timeline of your rewards payout history
  • a list of your recent payouts

For a full breakdown of what each of these indicates, click the Assistant button on the top right of the dashboard.


To see your staking rewards on Subscan, enter your address in the Search field, and then navigate to "Reward&Slash". This will bring up a list of all your incoming staking rewards. 


On Polkascan, you will find your staking rewards under “Balance transfers” as part of your other incoming and outgoing transactions: