Validator Status

When you nominate a set of validators (up to 16), the validator election algorithm will rotate your stake among validators on a per-era basis. In other words, you may have a different active validator amongst your selected validators each era

You cannot choose which specific validator you will be actively nominating in a given era unless you are nominating a single validator.



This is the validator you are actively nominating this era. Unless you are staking with a very large amount, you will be nominating a single validator in each era with your full stake. This validator will pay rewards to you for this era once the payout has been activated.


These validators are in the active validator set, and you have selected to nominate them. However, you are not actively nominating this era and they will not give rewards to you for this era.

  • When you first nominate validators, all of them will be "waiting" in the current era. That's normal. Your nominations will take effect in the next era. You will only see active validators (and begin earning staking rewards) after two eras, so on the third day earliest.  
  • If you see only inactive validators for days, and never an active one, you may have nominated too few validators (you can nominate up to 16).
  • If you're nominating with any amount less than the minimum, you won't see any "active" validators. Instead, you will only see "inactive" and "waiting" and won't receive any rewards. The minimum nomination amount needed to receive rewards is now dynamic, and can be found on the Targets page:


These validators did not get into the active validator set this era. They may get into the active validator set in the future.


Note that it does not hurt your rewards to nominate waiting validators, as long as you have nominated at least one validator in the active set. Your stake will be distributed only among those in the active validator set.