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If you unbonded your tokens but changed your mind, you can rebond them before the unbonding period is over through the  "Network" > "Staking" > "Account page" on Polkadot-JS UI. This extrinsic is issued by the controller or staking proxy account.


Controller accounts are being deprecated. You can still use existing ones for now, but creating new ones is no longer possible.

It is recommended to set your stash account as its own controller (described in this article) and create a staking proxy to obtain the same benefits and greater flexibility.

Check out the article on creating a proxy account for more information.

1. Click on the three dots on the right side of your account under the "Stashes" section.

2. Select "Rebond funds":

3. On the window that opens up, enter the amount you want to rebond or leave the profiled amount if you want to rebond the entire amount that's unbonding:

4. Then click "Rebond," sign and submit the transaction. You have rebonded your DOT!