"I started to unbond my DOT tokens but now I’ve changed my mind and want to rebond. How do I do that?"

You can rebond your locked tokens before the unbonding period is over by issuing a rebond extrinsic manually in polkadot.js.

1.    Make sure you have selected the Polkadot network (on the top left). Then select Extrinsics from the Developer dropdown menu. 

2.  Select the account you want to rebond your tokens in, and then choose the option "Staking" in the field below that.

3.    Your controller account will now appear, along with other fields. In the next step you will select the action you want to perform (rebond) and enter the amount of tokens currently locked in unbonding that you want to rebond. 

4.  Once you have filled in the right values, your screen should look like this and you can now submit the transaction

5.  Depending on how you control your account (Ledger, Parity Signer, browser plugin, etc) you will now be asked to confirm the transaction by either entering your password or signing a message. In this case we're using the browser extension.

6.  Your tokens are now successfully rebonded! 

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