There are several reasons why you may decide to nominate a different set of validators while staking. 

Maybe some of your chosen validators are oversubscribed or changed their commission rates, or maybe there simply are specific new validators that you’d like to support. 

You do NOT need to unbond your tokens to nominate different validators. There are two quick ways to do that:  

1. In the Account Actions tab

  1. Go to Network --> Staking --> Account Actions

  2. Find the relevant account you're nominating from

  3. Click the three dots next to that account

  4. Select “Set Nominees”

  5. Click names in the right box to remove old validators; Click names in the left box to add new validators.

  6. Click “Nominate” (bottom right.) 

  7. Sign and submit.

Your new selection will take effect in the era after the next one.

2. In the Targets tab

Alternatively, you can go to the Targets tab, instead of the above mentioned Account Actions tab. Here you can view statistics for different nominators, select the ones you wish to nominate, and then press “Nominate Selected”. 

If you have more than one account, you will have the chance to select the account you want to nominate from in the next screen: 

Click on the Nominate button, then sign and submit.

Please let us know below if you found this article helpful or email us at Support if we can be of further assistance.