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There are different reasons why you may want to change your nominations to a different validator set on Polkadot. Maybe some of your chosen validators are oversubscribed, or you found more profitable ones. Maybe there are simply new validators that you’d specifically like to support.

You do not need to unbond your tokens to nominate different validators. You can simply change your selected validators. There are two ways to do that. 

1. Change your validator set in the Account Actions tab

If you know exactly which validators you want to remove from your current set and which ones you want to add, use this option. 

  1. On Polkadot-JS, go to Network -> Staking -> Accounts 
  2. Find the relevant account 
  3. Click the three dots 
  4. Select Set Nominees

In the window that opens up, you will see all available validators on the left, and your currently selected ones on the right. 

If you want to remove any from your current set on the right, simply click on them. This will move them to the left. 

If you want to add new validators to your set, type their name in the search field and then simply click on them in the column on the left. This will add them to your set on the right. 

Once you're happy with your selection, click on the Nominate button on the bottom right and then confirm your transaction. 

Your new selection will take effect in the next era. 

2. Change your validator set in the Targets Tab

Another way to select new validators is in the Targets tab, in much the same way that you may have made your initial selection. This is especially useful if you noticed you are nominating oversubscribed validators. 

Here you can view statistics for different nominators, select the ones you wish to nominate, and then click on the Nominate Selected button.

You can also automatically select the top 16 validators based on their return by clicking the Most profitable button, but that's not necessarily the best strategy. Check this article to learn how to select your validators.