Before you begin staking, please pay close attention to these important points: 

  • Stakes below approximately 200 DOT do not reliably earn rewards at the moment. Please refer to this post on our blog for more information and alternatives. 

    This minimum amount is dynamic. There will be days when it can be slightly higher than 200 DOT. You can check HERE what the current daily minimum is.
  • Do not bond ALL your funds. Leave a small amount transferrable in your account, so that you can pay transaction fees from that (changing validators, bonding more or unbonding your tokens are all transactions that will cost a small fee).

  • Any changes you make will take affect in the era after next, which can take up to 48 hours (whether it's setting up staking for the first time, or changing your validators, bonding more funds, etc). So when you first start, your rewards will begin to come in after approximately 2 days.

The following video explains how to stake DOT with Ledger Live. You can also refer to the instructions on Ledger's website.

Please let us know below if you found this article helpful or email us at Support if we can be of further assistance.