If you are wondering, "What is the best wallet for DOT?" You will be happy to hear that there are several teams developing wallets for DOT tokens at the moment, including cold storage (offline) options. 

Some are already live, while others are still being built. Polkadot is a decentralized network and therefore any of your favorite wallet providers can choose to list and support DOT. 

Parity Wallets

The following wallets have been developed by Parity. There are many useful articles on our Support page to help you use and address issues with these wallets and you can contact us using the "Contact us" button, if you need any support with these wallets. 

This wallet is our most popular option and will work in all Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge) and Firefox. It is recommended for most users instead of using the Polkadot-JS UI directly. While the extension manages your keys and allows you to sign transactions, all information stored in the blockchain (such as account balances) must be accessed through the polkadot.js.org website. But the extension also allows you to connect your wallet with any Web 3.0 app in the Polkadot ecosystem.

While the browser extension is aimed towards average users, the UI web wallet contains advanced features designed for developers and power users, such as multi-sig accounts and the ability to switch signature schemes. It supports the full functionality that Substrate chains have to offer.

A command-line utility meant for advanced users.

Parity Signer is the next best alternative to a hardware wallet, and is meant to be used on an old phone that is no longer in use. This way it can permanently stay offline.

Treasury Funded Wallets

You can find a list of third-party treasury funded wallets here. These third-party wallets have been funded by the community through either the Polkadot or Kusama treasury. 

The Web3 Foundation does not endorse or support these wallets. Please do your own due diligence in researching them.

Third-Party Wallets

There are also numerous third-party wallets that have been built by the community or funded in other ways. You can find a list of them on community websites such as PolkaProject or DOTspot

As stated above, we aren't able to support these wallets, however many of them have interfaces that are easier to use if you are just looking for basic functionalities.

Cold Storage Wallets (offline)

If you are looking for a hardware wallet solution, the Ledger wallet supports Polkadot. You can use it natively with Ledger Live or in conjunction with Polkadot-JS UI and the Polkadot extension. 

As mentioned above, another secure option is to install Parity Signer on an old smartphone, reset to factory defaults, which you will keep in airplane mode. In this way you can turn your old phone into a cold storage wallet.