You can look up your Polkadot (or Kusama) transaction history on block explorers like e.g. Subscan or Polkascan. In this article you will learn how to do that.

There are two ways to access your information on the block explorers:

  1. You can open the block explorer and plug in your address in the search field (make sure to select the correct network on the top right. In this case we're looking at Polkadot.)

  2. You can click through to the block explorers from your accounts page on polkadot.js, where you'll see icons to the right of each of your accounts. 

    This will directly open your specific address as well as the correct network on the explorer.

Once on the block explorer, here is how you can find your transaction history: 


By default, the Transactions tab will be open, which includes any account activities (like staking, voting, etc). If you'd like to see only your incoming and outgoing transfers, click on Balance Transfers.


Subscan will open the Extrinsics tab by default. If you'd like to see only your incoming and outgoing transfers, click on the Transfers tab (and on View All if you don't see the full list).

Exporting your transaction history 

If you'd like to view your entire history in a spreadsheet, you can follow these instructions to export your transaction history into .csv format.