You may have noticed that each Polkadot account has a unique DOT icon avatar, like this: 

This icon is a unique visual representation of your DOT address and is generated randomly when you create a new DOT account on Polkadot. It appears next to your address on your accounts page on Polkadot-JS or on a block explorer


You may have also spotted some avatars that do not seem random. Like these:


If you want to have a creative influence on what your DOT address looks like, you can use the vanity generator. This lets you pick a memorable DOT icon from the list of generated addresses. It also gives the option of including certain letters, numbers or words in your address.


How to create your vanity address


In the Accounts tab on Polkadot-JS, click on vanity generator. Enter the word or letter/number combination you would like your address to contain in the “search for” field. In this example, we'll use the word "dot". 

Then hit the “Start generation” button. 

This will produce a series of addresses, starting with ddo and finally dot.  

When you find a memorable DOT icon or  an address you like, click the SAVE button on the right to claim this address. 


This will open a window where you can save your seed phrase. Switch the type from Raw seed to mnemonic. (This is your private key, write it down and keep it safe!). Give your new account a name and enter a password. Then click NEXT.

On the following screen you will be able to save your account and download your JSON backup file. This is a secondary backup method, which combined with the password you just set, will allow you to restore your account at any time in the future.