NOTE: In this article you will learn how to create a new account in Parity Signer. If you want to know how to restore an account originally created in Parity Signer, please refer to this article.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended that you install the Parity Signer app on an old phone that you do not connect to the internet anymore. This way you keep your private keys offline, and your phone becomes a cold storage wallet.

How to create a new account in Parity Signer

1. Download the Parity Signer app from the official source here and install it on your phone. 

2. Open the app and select New seed.

3. Back up your seed phrase in a safe place. It is recommended to write it down on paper in order to keep it offline!

4. That's it! This will bring you back to your account on the Keys page. Note: Your PIN number matches your phone's passcode by default.

If you wish, you can now add this account into the browser extension to view it on the Polkadot-JS accounts page. To import it, navigate to the extension and select the following:

You can now send, receive, and stake your tokens, or perform any other actions on the Polkadot network. Using Parity Signer this way is the closest alternative to a hardware wallet.

NOTE: The new Parity Signer also allows for metadata updates. It is recommended to regularly check for updates here.