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Most parachains stick with the substrate address format (SS58), which means the same account can be used on all chains. However, Moonbeam is an exception, being that the chain specializes in running Ethereum-style smart contracts. Because of this, Moonbeam addresses have the Ethereum (H160) format instead (starts with 0x).

Moonbeam seed phrases also use a BIP32 library instead of BIP39 (Substrate), which breaks compatibility with the Polkadot browser extension. It will allow you to import the account but will display errors when trying to execute transactions. However, the Polkadot-JS UI supports H160 addresses.

Restoring in Polkadot-JS UI

Follow these steps to import the Moonbeam account into Polkadot-JS UI. If you have already imported your account into the browser extension, you may need to "forget" the account first. The instructions also include steps on how to send funds.

Restoring in MetaMask

As an alternative, you can also use MetaMask to manage your Moonbeam accounts since it is an Ethereum-style network. To restore your account in MetaMask instead, follow these steps.

Here is more detailed information on Moonbeam's unified accounts system.