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This article explains how you can use the Community tab of the Staking Dashboard to get more information about validator providers and select the ones you like.


The Community page shows the validator providers in random order. Any providers shown in the following screenshots are also random and displaying them in this article is not an endorsement.

Validator providers can have their information displayed on the community page. It is a way for them to advertise their services and allow nominators to get to know them and potentially choose to nominate them.


The community page doesn't show all validator providers, only those that have chosen to add their information to it. 

All information shown is provided by the validator providers and displayed as is.

When you visit the Community page, you see a list of all validator providers in random order. This list provides a quick overview of each provider. 

Here is the information you can see for each provider:

  • By clicking the "Bio" button you can read a brief description of the validator provider. 
  • The "email" button will open your email client in order to contact them, while the "Twitter" and "website" buttons will take you to the respective sites.
  • If you click on the number of validators you can see more information about their validators(s), like their address and commission, and you can filter them based on several filters.
  • If you click on the three horizontal lines next to a validator node you can choose to copy their address or view their era points for the recent eras.
  • Clicking on the "star" icon will add this validator node to your Favourites. Validators in the Favourites tab are the ones you can choose to nominate through the Stake tab.