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This article explains how you can use the Validators tab of the Staking Dashboard to see all validators and add the ones you like to the Favorites tab.


Validators tab

Here you can see all the validators on the network. At the top of the page, you can see the network validator stats:

Below you can order validators by their commission or their "10 day performance" by clicking on "Order". Then, you can apply a filter them based on several criteria:

  • Active/Inactive validators: excludes validators that are not in the current active validator set (waiting). A new set of validators are chosen for each era, so there is no guarantee the same validators will be active in the following eras.
  • 100% commission: excludes validators with 100% commission. You will not receive staking rewards for nominating these validators.
  • Blocked nominations: excludes validators that prohibit nominating them. If you try to nominate such a validator, your transaction will fail, even if you also nominate other validators.z

Below the filters, you can see all the validators matching your criteria. You can click "Next" and "Prev" to go to other pages.

For each validator, you can see:

  • Account icon and address. If a validator has an on-chain identity, it will be shown instead of the address. Please note that the identity can be verified by a registrar or not.
  • Performance graph. A small graph depicting the validator's 10-day performance is located under its name or address.
  • Copy icon. Clicking on this icon allows you to copy the validator's public address to your clipboard.
  • Heart icon. Click on it to add or remove the validator in your Favourites tab.
  • Menu icon. Click on it to copy the validator's address or view their era points for recent eras.
  • Top x%. If the validator ranks among the top x% based on its latest performance, it will be indicated in its profile.
  • Blocking nominations: Some validators may block nominators from nominating them, indicated by a pink crossed figure.
  • Commission. It can be anywhere between 0% and 100%.
  • Para-validator. If the validator is actively validating parachain blocks, it will be represented by a group of three blocks icon.
  • Status in the current validator set: active or waiting. For active validators, their total stake is also displayed.

Favorites tab

Here you can see all the validators you marked with a heart on the Validators or Community tabs. You can remove a validator from Favorites by clicking the heart icon again. When nominating, you can select the validators from the ones in this tab.

For each validator, you can see the same information as on the Validators tab.

Not sure which validators you like? Check this article to learn how to choose your validators!