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Rewards are split pro rata among the actively bonded members. Therefore, the staking rewards for members will be the same as if they were nominators. Slashes can also be applied proportionally to members who have been actively bonded.

A member can claim their portion of any rewards that have accumulated since the previous time they claimed (or, in the case that they have never claimed, any rewards that have accumulated since the era after they joined).


Adding to your bond, unbonding, or making a change to your stake in the pool in ANY way, will automatically trigger your rewards to be claimed.


How to manually claim your pool rewards

1. Navigate to the Pools tab. You will see your unclaimed rewards here and two buttons next to them:

2. If you want to withdraw your staking rewards to your account, adding them to your transferable balance, click "Withdraw." If you want to return your rewards to the pool and increase your stake, click "Bond."


You can only claim
your own rewards; other pool members must claim their rewards separately.

3. Whatever option you choose, you will see the amount you are about to claim and the estimated transaction fee. Click "Submit" and sign the extrinsic to claim your rewards:

Permissionless claiming

Although you can manually claim your rewards at any moment, there's an option to allow anybody to claim your rewards on your behalf. You can do it in just a few clicks from the staking dashboard:

1. To update your claim permissions, click on "Manage" from the "Pool" tab:

2. Go to "Update Claim Permission":

3. Click on "Enable Permissionless Claiming" to update the option. From there, you have the option to:

  • Allow Compound: It grants permission to anybody to claim and bond your rewards.
  • Allow Withdraw: It allows anyone to claim the rewards on your behalf as transferable balance in your account.
  • Allow All: It permits anybody to compound or withdraw your rewards on your behalf.

If you are more of a visual learner, check the video guide below. It covers everything you can do in the Staking Dashboard after you start staking. You can skip to 14:06 to see how to claim your rewards from a nomination pool: