In this article, we detail how to join a nomination pool in Polkadot or Kusama from the user-friendly interface of Talisman Portal.


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How to join a nomination pool

1. Visit Talisman Portal and click the "Staking" icon on the left-side menu.

2. After clicking "Staking", you'll be directed to the screen below. Here, you'll have the option to select the native asset you wish to stake (1) and the account from which you'd stake it (2).

3. After selecting the asset and account, click on "Start staking." A side panel will appear, allowing you to modify the staking account (1) and asset (2). Enter the desired amount from your available balance (3), and select your preferred nomination pool (4) from the available options.

4. Talisman Portal preselects one of Talisman’s nomination pools by default. You can see more information about the pool by clicking on the pool’s name.

If you are happy about the nomination pool by default, go to step 7; if you want to explore other options, click "Pick a different pool”.

5. You can join any nomination pool created for the chosen asset and network. Explore multiple pages of available pools by using the arrowhead icon on the right to move to the next page.


Choose wisely. As a pool member, you must wait for the unbounding period before switching pools: 28 days on Polkadot and 7 days on Kusama.

To learn the best practices when choosing a nomination pool to join, visit our article "How Do I Know Which Nomination Pool to Choose?"

6. Once you have selected your desired nomination pool, click "Swap pool" (or "Cancel" if you are happy with the current nomination pool). This action will return you to the previous menu.

7. Ensure all details are correct, then click "Stake," sign the transaction from your account, and you're all set! Congratulations, you are successfully staking as a new member of a nomination pool!

Check your staking in a nomination pool

You can follow the status of your staking by going to the "Staking" tab in Talisman Portal. You can review basic details such as the nomination pool you're a member of (1), the total balance, and recent total rewards (2), along with recent payouts per era (3). Moreover, you can always add more funds to the nomination pool via the "Stake" button or opt to unbond or exit the pool using the "Unstake" button (4).

How to increase your bond in a nomination pool

To increase your stake within your nomination pool, connect your account to Talisman Portal and go to the "Staking" tab. Then, simply click the "Stake" button on the top right and type the additional amount you wish to add to your already bonded funds.

How to unbond or leave a nomination pool

To initiate the unbonding of funds from a nomination pool, connect your account to Talisman Portal and go to the "Staking" tab. Then you'll see an "Unstake" button on the top right, click on it and specify the amount you intend to unbond.

To exit the nomination pool, click “Max” to unstake the maximum bonded amount. Then click “Leave” to completely quit the pool.

Keep in mind that in both scenarios, you'll need to wait for the unbonding period before you can withdraw your unbonded funds.