PolkaGate is a Polkadot wallet developed and maintained by PolkaGate Foundation. It is an open-source browser extension available for Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, funded by the Kusama Treasury. PolkaGate is compatible with many DApps and tools in the ecosystem.

This article shows how to view the transaction history of any of your PolkaGate accounts on any network within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.


If you have any questions about PolkaGate, or run into any issues and require further assistance, feel free to ask our AI chatbot or contact us.

Alternatively, you can contact the PolkaGate team directly and receive specialised assistance from the team that developed the wallet. You can contact PolkaGate support on Element or at polkagate@outlook.com

To view your transaction history of an account in PolkaGate, follow these easy steps:

1. Click the right-pointing angle (">") on the right of the account you'd like to check its historical extrinsics.

2. Select the network for which you want to check the history and click "History" at the bottom of the screen.

3. The following screen will show several tabs organized by type of extrinsics. Notice that only successful transactions will appear on this list. To check failed transactions, you need to check them on a block explorer.