PolkaGate is a Polkadot wallet developed and maintained by PolkaGate Foundation. It is an open-source browser extension available for Mozilla Firefox and Chromium-based browsers, funded by the Kusama Treasury. PolkaGate is compatible with many DApps and tools in the ecosystem.

This article guides you on how to check your crowdloan contributions and how to contribute to ongoing ones.


If you have any questions about PolkaGate, or run into any issues and require further assistance, feel free to ask our AI chatbot or contact us.

Alternatively, you can contact the PolkaGate team directly and receive specialised assistance from the team that developed the wallet. You can contact PolkaGate support on Element or at polkagate@outlook.com


PolkaGate enables you to contribute to ongoing crowdloans in both Polkadot and Kusama, as well as check past contributions and auctions, all within one simple interface.


With the introduction of Coretime to Kusama, crowdloans and slot auctions are deprecated on Kusama. Once Coretime comes to Polkadot, they will be deprecated there too, and we will unpublish this article.


1. Choose the account you want to use for participating in the crowdloan or inspecting its contribution history.

2. Click the "Crowdloan" icon at the bottom of the panel below.

History of contributed crowdloans

The first tab, labeled "Contributed," will display past contributions from the selected account and details about the date, amount, and release date in case the project won or wins the auction.

Contribute to active crowdloans

1. To check ongoing crowdloans and contribute toward them, navigate to the "Active" tab. Details about each crowdloan will be presented on separate pages. If you wish to contribute to a specific crowdloan after reviewing its details, simply click "Contribute."


If you are thinking about contributing toward crowdloans, do not forget to read our compilation of the most frequently asked questions: Crowdloans FAQ.

2. On this screen, you can choose the amount you wish to contribute to the selected crowdloan. Please note that the minimum contribution for a Polkadot crowdloan is 5 DOT.

Details about the current auction

The "Auction" tab will take you to the current auction, if there is one ongoing. You can view details about the lease period for which the projects are currently participating.

Details about past auctions

The "Past" tab will display basic information about past auctions and the projects that won them.