In this article, we describe how you can view the transaction history of each of your tokens held in your accounts.


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How to view your transaction history

With Polkawallet, you can view the transaction history for each of your accounts and each token in them separately.

1. From the "Assets" page select the account you want to view the transaction history for.

2. Then tap on the token you want to view the transaction history for. In this example, we select DOT.

3. On the screen that opens up, you can view the outgoing and incoming transactions of your account.


Cross-chain transfers are not shown in this screen, only transfers on the same chain.

You can filter the transactions between outgoing, incoming, and all by tapping the small "filter" icon.

You can also view your account's details on Subscan by tapping on the three dots on the top right and then on "More on Subscan". On Subscan, you can see all extrinsics and transfer details, including cross-chain transfers.