You can decide to unstake and stop being a nominator anytime. 

Please note that there is an unbonding period, which serves as a cooldown. You will be able to transfer your tokens after this time has passed (currently 7 days on Kusama / 28 days on Polkadot).

Note: If you encounter an error message about "insufficient funds" during this process, then your controller account doesn't have enough transferrable funds to pay for the transaction fees. You will run into this issue if you have e.g. exactly the existential deposit of 1 DOT (or 0.0000333333 KSM) in your controller account, because the fee can't be deducted without the controller account dropping below the existential deposit. 

To fix this, transfer a small amount to your controller account to be able to cover any upcoming fees during the unstaking process. 

Unstaking your tokens can be done by navigating to Staking --> Account Actions in the Polkadot.js UI.


Click on the "Stop" button on the right:



Note: Should the Stop button not be active, it means that your controller account is not active on your accounts page. You will have to restore your controller account there first, and then come back to this page again to proceed. 

Once you've clicked the Stop button and unstaked your tokens successfully, they will still be bonded. This means they stay ready to be distributed among nominees again. To actually withdraw them, you need to unbond them first. This process will take 28 days. 

To do this, click the three dots next to the account you want to unbond tokens for, and select "Unbond funds". 


Once the 28-day bunbonding period has passed there is another step to be carried out before your tokens are completely unlocked: Click “Withdraw Unbonded”, which will then be available in the same pop-up. Your transferrable balance will subsequently increase by the amount of tokens you've just fully unbonded. 

You will find a thorough tutorial on the process in our Wiki here.

Note for Polkawallet users: 

Despite the name, this wallet was not developed by us. Please contact the Polkawallet team directly if you need any assistance. 

Please let us know below if you found this article helpful or email us at Support if we can be of further assistance.