Switching Nodes

If you're experiencing connection issues or having trouble making a transaction on Polkadot-JS, it can be useful to switch to another network node and try again.

1. To do this, first click on the current network on the top left. 


2. You will see two nodes by different hosts. Simply select the other node here, and then click the Switch button on top. 

Switching Networks

You can also use the same panel to switch to a completely different network, e.g. from Polkadot to Kusama.


1. On Polkadot-JS

On Polkadot-JS, click on the currently selected network on the top left. In the case below, we currently are on the Polkadot network. 

In the panel that opens, select the network you want to switch to. We're selecting Kusama. There are two nodes available and it doesn't matter which one you choose.

Select one of the nodes and then click on the Switch button.  

You are now on the Kusama network and can access your KSM accounts here.  

You can switch back to Polkadot in the same way. 

Check out this educational tutorial for a more detailed description: