You may encounter the message "No compatible device found" when connecting your Ledger to Polkadot-JS UI or the Polkadot extension. This error is shown when the communication between Ledger and Polkadot couldn't be established. But nothing to worry about. This article will guide you through the most common reasons you might see this error and how to address them.

The Ledger Live app is open on your computer

Once the Ledger device has established communication with a different application, another app might be unable to disrupt it. Check that Ledger Live is closed and try again.

No other app is using your Ledger

Similar to the previous point, any app that might have "hijacked" the Ledger connection can't be interrupted by Polkadot-JS UI or the Polkadot extension. Check that no other app is active in your browser (i.e., other wallets).

The Ledger device is locked

If it's locked, your computer cannot establish a connection. Unlock to continue.

Your Ledger device is not properly connected to your computer

The most obvious reason your computer cannot reach your Ledger is that it is not properly connected. Check that both cable ends are correctly inserted, and try again.

You are not using the original Ledger cable

Some USB cables do not allow for a proper connection. Use the original cable provided with your Ledger device and try again.

The app of the respective network is not open on the device

To communicate, the app of the network you are trying to use (e.g., Polkadot) must be open on the device.

Your Polkadot app in Ledger Live is not up-to-date

It's strongly recommended to keep all your software up-to-date. The firmware of the device and each app should be updated so they can get any security improvements from Ledger and keep up track of the new functionalities of the network.

It might be a browser issue

If none of the above tips help, please try another browser (Chrome, Brave, or Edge) and see if it makes a difference. Consider that a new session in another browser won't show your Ledger account, and you'll need to connect it again.


Alternatively, Ledger also has some troubleshooting tips on their site here.

For more general details on the Ledger wallet, please visit our Wiki.