Gifts on Polkadot & Kusama make it possible to send assets to your loved ones even if they don't already have an address or crypto experience.

If you have received an NFT as a gift, you can follow these steps to claim it.

NOTE: Statemine is Kusama's common-good parachain that allows the creation of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. You can read more about it here.

During the claim process, you will be asked if you want to claim the NFT to a new account or an existing one. 

If you choose to claim to a new account, you'll be presented with a mnemonic phrase that you need to write down on paper and keep it secret and safe. 

If you choose to claim to an existing account instead, the claim page will connect to the Polkadot extension and ask you to select the account to claim to, from the available accounts in the extension:

Then you'll be asked to enter the gift code you received. Enter it and click "Claim gift." After a few seconds, your NFT will be in your account!

NOTE: Parity Signer doesn't support Statemine on versions lower than 5.0.0.
Don't claim your NFT to a Parity Signer account unless you have updated to the new version and have added Statemine as a network on the app.

What to do if you claimed to a new account

If you claimed to a new account, you need to download the Polkadot extension and restore the account using the mnemonic phrase that you wrote down during the claim process. To restore in the extension, check the instructions in this guide.

How to access your NFT after you claimed it

Regardless of your chosen method, your account needs to exist in the Polkadot extension for you to access your NFT. Once you have the account in the extension, you can see your NFT if you go to the Singular app and connect the account through the Polkadot extension:

Then "Your Space" button will appear, which you can click to see the NFTs in your account:

At the time of distribution, these NFTs couldn't be traded because of some technical limitations imposed by the Statemine network and could only be gifted to another account. With the recent update, you can now trade Statemine NFTs on Singular. 

Please note that the link above is for NFTs on the Statemine parachain. Normally though, the default network on Singular is Kusama, so if you visit the site again make sure you're on Statemine through the drop-down menu on the top right.,

How to verify the account you claimed your NFT to

If you have trouble locating your NFT after you claimed, you can check with your gift code to see to which account you claimed your NFT or if it has indeed been claimed.

1. Visit this page and paste in your gift code. Then click "Query gift."

2. This will display the account that held the NFT before you claimed it.

3. Click on "See account on Subscan" to open that account on Subscan

4. Then click on the "Transfers" tab. You should see two transfers, one incoming and one outgoing. The outgoing one is the batch call that sent your NFT to your account, along with a small deposit of KSM. So, that's the account where you'll find your NFT.


If there's no outgoing transaction, then it means the NFT hasn't been claimed yet.