NOTE: In this article you will learn how to create a new account in the Polkadot-JS user interface (UI). For most users, we strongly recommend using the Polkadot browser extension instead. You can find those steps in this article. If you'd like to continue with this method, here are the steps.

The Polkadot extension is the best way to manage your accounts, as it has many advantages:

  • It provides better security than using the Web UI directly
  • Your browser won't "forget" your accounts if its cookies are cleared
  • It allows you to interact with any Web 3.0 compatible site in the Polkadot ecosystem
  • The extension recognizes all known Polkadot (and not only) scams and alerts you when you access a phishing site. This will help you protect yourself and your funds.

1. On, head to the Accounts page and select + Add Account.

2. Next, save your mnemonic phrase safely and check the box saying you have done so.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to save your mnemonic phrase now, as there is no way to view it after the account is created.

3. Create a name and password for the account. The password is only stored locally and does not act as a replacement for your mnemonic phrase.

4. The next window will verify that the account has been created successfully. Click Save.  

All set! You can now access the account from the Accounts page on polkadot.js