There are a few reasons why you might want to teleport your DOT to Statemint and your KSM to Statemine. For example:

  • To utilize Statemint's and Statemine's lower transfer fees and lower existential deposit.
  • To meet the existential deposit for other (non-sufficient) assets.

For additional information regarding teleportation, refer to the wiki here. If you are attempting to create or transfer assets instead of teleport them, see this wiki article.

Transaction fees

There are two types of fees that are imposed when teleporting your DOT or KSM:

1. Transaction fees on the source chain. Like normal transfers, these fees are not deducted from the amount you are sending, which means the total amount that will be deducted from your balance will be the amount you send plus the fees.

IMPORTANT: Teleports don't have a "keep alive" safeguard like normal transfers. This means that you need to make sure that your balance after the application of fees is above the existential deposit, otherwise your account will be reaped (deactivated) and any remaining balance will be lost!

If you want to teleport your entire balance, and reap your account, make sure to account for the source chain fees, when choosing the amount to teleport.

2. Transaction fees on the destination chain. Teleports come with an additional fee on the destination chain. This fee is deducted from the amount of DOT or KSM you teleported. The remainder needs to be greater than the existential deposit of the destination chain, otherwise the entire balance your teleported will be lost!

Existential deposits
These are the existential deposits on the four chains:
1. Polkadot: 1 DOT
2. Statemint: 0.1 DOT (10 times smaller)
3. Kusama: 0.000033333333 KSM
4. Statemine: 0.000003333333 KSM (10 times smaller)

In order to teleport your assets, follow these instructions:

1. Switch to the source chain

2. Navigate to Accounts > Teleport.

3. This opens the teleport assets interface:

4. After reviewing transaction information and fees, click the Teleport button and then sign and submit your transaction. 

WARNING! Do not attempt to send or teleport to exchanges from a Statemint or Statemine account. Though the address format is the same, exchanges won't be able to detect deposits made from these chains, or teleports to Polkadot or Kusama. If you do that, your funds will be irretrievable! 

If you are the visual type, we have this video tutorial that guides you through the teleport process: