There are a few reasons as to why you might want to teleport KSM to Statemine. For example:

  • To utilize Statemine's lower transfer fees.
  • To meet the existential deposit for other (non-sufficient) assets.

For additional information regarding teleportation, refer to the wiki here. If you are attempting to create or transfer assets instead of teleport them, see this wiki article.

1. Navigate to Accounts > Teleport.

2. This opens the teleport assets interface:

3. After reviewing transaction information and fees, click the Teleport button. Remember that the destination chain imposes a receiving fee on the teleport amount (currently 0.000010666 KSM on Statemine). For more information and troubleshooting, check the wiki. We also have a video tutorial below to walk you through the steps.

Warning: Do not attempt to send or teleport to exchanges from a Statemine account. Though the address format is the same, exchanges won't be able to detect deposits made from Statemine, or teleports from Statemine to Kusama.