In this article, we explore how to transfer funds from your accounts to an account on the same chain or another chain.


If you have any questions about how to transfer funds on Subwallet or run into any issues and require further assistance, feel free to ask our AI chatbot or contact us.

Alternatively, you can also read Subwallet's documentation or contact their team directly and receive specialized assistance from the team that developed the wallet.

You can contact Subwallet support either by joining their Discord server, on Telegram, or through email.


Subwallet is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, as a browser extension, and as a web app. The UX and UI of all three platforms are pretty consistent.

In this and other articles, we provide instructions for the browser extension. If there are differences between the extension and the mobile app, we'll make sure to point them out or provide separate instructions.


How to transfer funds


Most exchanges don't support cross-chain transfers!

If you are sending to an exchange, make sure you select the token on its native chain in Step 4 and send it to the same destination chain in Step 6.

For example, if you want to send DOT to an exchange, select DOT that exists on Polkadot in Step 4 and select Polkadot as the destination chain in Step 6.

If you select the wrong options when sending to an exchange, your funds
could be lost!

Follow these simple steps to transfer funds from one account to another:

1. From the main page of your wallet, click on the "Send" button

2. If you were viewing all your accounts on the main page, this screen will open up to select the sending account and the transfer details. First, select the sending account from the drop-down menu.

Otherwise, if you were viewing a specific account, this will be the sending account, and you only need to select the token and destination chain. By default, these are set to DOT on Polkadot and to Polkadot respectively.

3.  Next, it's time to select the token you want to send. Click on the left drop-down menu.


Subwallet now supports the Polkadot-Kusama bridge!

This means that you can transfer DOT or KSM from Polkadot Asset Hub to Kusama Asset Hub and vice versa.

Simply select the token (DOT or KSM) on the appropriate chain (Polkadot or Kusama Asset Hub) and the destination chain accordingly in the steps below.

For example, here we have selected to transfer KSM on Kusama Asset Hub to Polkadot Asset Hub.


Please note that at the moment bridging tokens between Polkadot and Kusama incurs a high fee of 2 DOT or 0.4 KSM!

4. On the screen that opens up, you can select the token you want to send. It is important to pay attention both to the token and to the chain this token exists on! This is written in detail in the token's description but also signified by the small icon on the bottom right.

For example, if we search for KSM, we see that we have KSM on various chains, like KSM on Kusama, KSM on Calamari, KSM on Kusama Asset Hub (former Statemine), and so on.

5. Once the token is selected, click on the right drop-down menu to select the destination chain.

6. On the screen that opens up, you will see a list of chains where you can send your selected token. Select the destination chain you want.

7. Then paste the address of the account you want to send to. 

Alternatively, you can choose an account from your Address Book, by clicking on the little "book icon", or you can scan the QR code of the recipient account by clicking on the "QR-reader icon".

8. Then enter the amount you wish to send. The available balance of the account for the selected token on the specific chain is shown below the "Amount" field. 

If you click "Max", the maximum balance that can be sent (after the subtraction of transaction fees) will be filled out automatically.

9. Finally, click "Transfer".

The transfer confirmation page will appear, where you can review the details of the transfer. Click "Approve" to confirm the transaction.


Always double check before clicking "Approve"!

Blockchain transactions are irreversible, so make sure the details of the transaction are correct, especially the destination account.

In this page, Subwallet shows the account with the generic Substrate address format, but you can easily verify it is the same account you entered in the previous screen if you compare the account icons.

If you are performing a cross-chain transfer, this screen will also include the sender (origin) network and the destination network, as well as a notification that additional fees will be subtracted on the destination network. The estimated fee in this case is the transaction fee of the sender chain.

10. Finally, once you click "Approve", you will see the confirmation page. If you click "Back to home" you will be taken back to the wallet's main page. 

If you click, "View transaction" the transaction details will be displayed. You can click on "View on explorer" to see the transaction on a block explorer.

Alternative method

There is another way to send funds that is very similar to what was described in the previous section.

1. From the main page, click on the token you want to send

2. In the next screen, you will see the various chains (from the enabled chains) where this token might exist.

If you are on the "All accounts" view, this is the token's distribution on all your accounts. If you are viewing a single account, the balances shown are for this particular account.

3. Then follow the instructions in the previous section to send your tokens.

The only difference is that when you click to choose the token and chain to send from (in step 4 above), the list of available chains is filtered for the token you selected previously.