In this article, we will guide you to send funds to a different account, either on the same network or across networks from Talisman Wallet and Talisman Portal, respectively.


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How to send funds on the same network

Transferring funds from one account to another within the same network is among the initial transactions with which any user becomes familiar. Follow the steps below to send funds from your Talisman Wallet account:

1. Open Talisman Wallet and click the "Send" button just below the value of your portfolio.

2. A list of assets present in your account(s) will appear on a new window, indicating the network they belong to. Select or type the desired asset and specify the network for sending it.

3. After choosing the asset, you can then select the account to send it from. Only the accounts with the selected asset in the chosen network will be clickable, while the names of the other accounts will be dimmed.

4. Once the sender is selected, you need to paste the receiver account’s public address, select it from your Contacts, or select another of your accounts in Talisman Wallet.

5. The following windows will allow you to select the amount of the asset you want to send to the destination account. Review the information on this screen carefully.

6. After clicking the "Review" button, you'll have another opportunity to double-check the destination address, the asset, amount, network, and estimated fees for the transaction. Only when you are sure about the information, click "Confirm."

7. That's it! If you don't see any error message, you just broadcast the transaction to the network, and the asset should reach its destination in a few seconds.

How to transfer funds to a different network


There are two things to be aware of before cross-transfering assets between networks:
  • If you cross-transfer non-native assets to an account without enough native tokens to cover fees, you might not be able to do further transactions in that network until you get some of its native tokens.
  • Leaving an account, sender or receiver, with a transferable balance below the existential deposit might expose your account to reaping (inactivated) and any remaining balance might be lost!

While Talisman Wallet itself doesn't offer the option to transfer funds to a different network, you can achieve this through Talisman Portal. Follow the steps below to learn how.


Talisman Portal interface restricts the ability to transfer funds to different accounts. It will only facilitate transfers from your account on one network to the same account on a different network.

1. Visit Talisman Portal.

2. Ensure your wallet or account manager is connected to Talisman Portal and has access to it.

3. Click the icon with the "Transfer" label on the left-side menu.

4. Select the account that will be the origin and destination of the transfer.

5. Choose the token and the amount you want to transfer.

6. Select the origin network ("From network") and the destination network ("To network") from their respective drop-down menus.

7. After clicking the "Transport" button, the extension managing the account will appear, allowing you to review and approve the transaction. Double-check that all details are accurate and click the "Approve" or "Sign" button.

8. And that's it! After ~12 seconds, your assets should appear in the same account but on the destination network!