Talisman provides two complementary products for Polkadot users: Talisman Wallet and Talisman Portal. The first enables interaction with ecosystem apps, including those connected to the Relay Chain (Polkadot and Kusama) and parachains. In contrast, Talisman Portal enhances Talisman Wallet's capabilities by offering a user-friendly interface for staking, cross-chain transfers, participation in crowdloans, and more.

This article will provide a general overview of both Talisman Wallet and Talisman Portal, outlining the functionalities they offer to Polkadot users.


Talisman Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means that only you have access to your accounts. For this reason it is imperative that you keep your mnemonic phrase safe. Without it, it is impossible to restore your account if you ever lose access to it.


If you have any questions about Talisman or run into any issues and require further assistance, feel free to ask our AI chatbot or contact us.

Alternatively, you can join Talisman's Discord server and receive specialized assistance from the team that developed the wallet. This communication channel is also an important feedback loop for the Talisman team to improve the wallet, and they always appreciate hearing from users.


Talisman Wallet

After downloading the Talisman Wallet for your browser, a welcome screen will appear, prompting you to set a password to unlock your wallet, as well as to create or import a wallet, or connect a hardware wallet.


This password unlocks the wallet and gives full access to all your accounts in it on the specific device.

For this reason, make sure it's strong and unique and you are the only one that knows it.

Using a password manager to generate and store this password is highly recommended!

The following screenshot shows the initial view of Talisman Wallet once it contains an account in it.

1. Total Portfolio: This section displays the current value of accounts managed by Talisman Wallet. It also provides the option to send and receive funds to and from any of your accounts and use a third-party service to buy tokens.

2. Account List: Clicking on each account allows you to operate from that account and check its balance status.

3. Portfolio View: View the balances of all your accounts managed by Talisman Wallet.

4. Staking: This option takes you to Talisman Portal, where you can join a nomination pool.

5. Recent Activity: This section lists the transaction history of any of your accounts on Talisman Portal.

6. Fullscreen View: Opens a new tab displaying all available Talisman Wallet options.

7. More Options: Opens a new screen within Talisman Wallet with the options described below:

1. Add Account: Open a new tab to create a new account from your current private key, restore an account from another wallet using a 12 or 24-word mnemonic phrase (Recovery Phrase), or import from a JSON file. You can also connect hardware wallets like Polkadot Vault or Ledger to Talisman Wallet.

2. Send Funds: Select the token you want to send from any of your accounts. Enter the destination address manually or choose it from your wallet, and specify the amount of tokens to send.

3. Address Book: Create a contact book for frequently used transfer destinations, making them easily accessible for future transfers.

4. Transport: Facilitate cross-chain transfers between networks via Talisman Portal. Distinct from "Send," which transfers tokens within the same network.

5. NFTs: View your NFT collection on Talisman Portal.

6. Backup Wallet: Backup, rename, or delete the wallet and its associated accounts managed by Talisman Wallet.


The backup of your wallet provides full control over your account to anyone who gains access to it. You should store it only on paper, keep it in a secret and safe location, and use it only to restore your account on trusted platforms.

Read about good practices to keep your backup safe on "How to Store Your Mnemonic Phrase and Backup File Safely"

7. Settings: You can modify general settings for Talisman Wallet, including language or the possibility of receiving notifications.

Talisman Portal

Talisman Portal extends the functionalities of Talisman Wallet, but you can use any wallet or account manager installed in your browser to connect to Talisman Portal. You can easily manage your staking from the portal by joining a nomination pool, exploring projects in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, participating in crowdloans, and more.


Talisman Portal won’t ask you to choose your wallet. If you have several wallets or extensions in your browser, temporarily disconnect the ones you won't use in Talisman Portal.

The image below shows the portfolio screen of Talisman Portal once your wallet or extension is connected to it.

The panel on the left provides access to various screens and functionalities in Talisman Wallet:

1. Portfolio: This section summarizes the balance and status of the selected accounts.

2. Staking: Use this screen to join a nomination pool.

3. Transfer: It allows you to cross-transfer funds between accounts on different networks.

4. Explore: This screen offers a curated list of the most popular applications and services related to Polkadot.

5. Crowdloan: Here, you can find a list of active crowdloans and participate in them.

6. Buy: Use a third-party service to purchase tokens.

7. History: Lists the most recent extrinsics run from the accounts in the wallet.

The section on the right of the image corresponds to the Portfolio view, which includes:

8. Selection of accounts: This section lists the connected accounts, enabling you to select a specific one or disconnect the wallet.

9. Overview and Collectibles: Here, you'll find a summary of the account balances (Overview) and the NFTs owned by them (Collectibles).

10. Portfolio allocation: This panel shows the percentage of tokens from the selected accounts.

11. Staking: If any of the accounts are participating in staking, whether solo or as part of a nomination pool, their status summary will appear here.

12. Currency selector: Talisman Portal allows you to view the account balances in your selected currency.