In this article, we provide detailed instructions on how to receive funds in your accounts in Polkawallet on any of the chains it supports. The instructions are for Polkadot, but the same process applies to all chains.


If you have any questions about receiving funds in Polkawallet or run into any issues and require further assistance, feel free to ask our AI chatbot or contact us.

Alternatively, you can also search Polkawallet's documentation or contact their team directly through email, and receive specialized assistance from the team that developed the wallet.

How to receive funds

In order to receive funds in your account, you will need to get the account's address and share it with the sender or paste it into the platform or wallet you want to send funds from.

1. Navigate to the "Assets" page and make sure you have selected the correct account and network to receive the funds in. If you want to switch accounts or chains, please check this article.

2. Then there are two ways to get the account's address

2a. Tap on the "+" icon on the top right. This will open a small menu and tap on "my QR code"

2b. Alternatively you can tap on the DOT token under your Assets. 

This will open up the balance breakdown of your account. On this screen, tap on "Receive".

3. That's it! Both ways will display the address in both QR and text format. You can either scan the QR code or copy the address by clicking on the "Copy" button.