In this article, you will learn how to restore an account in Parity Signer that was originally created in Parity Signer. If you want to know how to create a new account in Parity Signer, please refer to the video tutorial in this article.

NOTE: If you previously created a Polkadot account in Parity Signer, you will have received a mnemonic phrase that you should have saved in a safe place offline. Parity Signer allows you to restore your account from your mnemonic phrase.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended that you install the Parity Signer app on an old phone that you do not connect to the internet anymore. This way you keep your private keys offline, and your phone becomes a cold storage wallet. 

From a security perspective we do not recommend restoring an account that has been online into an offline storage solution (which Parity Signer is intended to be), however, should you have personal reasons to do that, please follow this guide.

How to restore your account with your mnemonic phrase in Parity Signer

1. Download the Parity Signer app from the official source here and install it on your phone. 

2. Open the app and select Recover seed.

3. On the next screen, create a display name for the account.

4. Next, enter your mnemonic phrase. The app will display auto-complete suggestions as you type. Press the "Next" button once you have entered all your words

5. Your account has successfully been restored! This will bring you back to the Keys page. Note: Your PIN number matches your phone's passcode by default.

6. Click on the account to view your DOT address as a QR code.

7. Now you can seamlessly switch between networks in Parity Signer, just like the browser extension! To select a network, click the down arrow under the account to expand the dropdown. Only three networks are available at this time, but more will be added in the future.

Your account should now be successfully restored!

As an added step, you can import your Parity Signer account into the browser extension to manage it from the Polkadot-JS UI accounts page. To do this, navigate to the extension and select the following:

NOTE: The new Parity Signer also allows for metadata updates. It is recommended to regularly check for updates here.