There are several reasons why you might want to restore an account on polkadot.js that you created in another wallet. Many multi-currency wallets do not have the full functionality of polkadot.js and may not allow your to perform certain actions (e.g. sending the existential deposit of 1 DOT out of your account). 

This can be solved by extracting your private key from your original wallet (e.g. Atomic Wallet, Trust Wallet, etc.) and importing it into polkadot.js

Before you start, please note: Exposing your private key online poses a security risk. You should only do this if you have no other options and if you are planning to deactivate your account and send your funds to a new account with a new private key / mnemonic seed. 

In order to import your private key, follow these steps:

  1. Export your private key from your original wallet. You may have to check with the Customer Support of your wallet provider how to do that. 
  2. Once you have your private key, go to the Accounts page and click on "Add account"
  3. Click on the word "Mnemonic" and select "Raw seed" from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Delete the shown private key and enter yours instead.

    IMPORTANT: If your key doesn't start with 0x, add it manually in front of it. 

  5. Check the box "I have saved my mnemonic seed safely" and click Next.
  6. Follow the instructions and create a password.

Your account has now successfully been imported and you will see it listed on your accounts page.

Please let us know below if you found this article helpful or email us at Support if we can be of further assistance.