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Being a nominator on Polkadot is a more active role than for other networks. It's not a matter of staking your tokens once and receiving ongoing rewards. Instead, you have a vested interest in the behavior of the validators you select and share in the responsibility for their actions. For this reason, it is advisable to regularly review and potentially adjust your chosen validators.

This article explains how to use the Staking Dashboard to change your nominations.


Why Change Nominations?

On Polkadot, nominators are actively involved in the security of the network. By nominating validators, they give them a "vote of confidence" that they'll perform their duties diligently, and if they don't, nominators risk getting slashed along with the validators they support.

For this and other reasons, you may want to review and change your nominations from time to time. Perhaps you realized they are running on suboptimal hardware and get fewer rewards because of it. Or maybe you read our article on choosing validators and decided that there are new validators that you'd like to support.

Deselect a Validator

With this feature, you can select single or multiple validators to remove from your nominations.

1. On the Staking Dashboard, navigate to the Nominate tab. Under "Nominations," click the "Select" button to display a check box next to each validator's name:

2. Select the validator(s) you would like to remove, and click "Stop Nominating Selected":

3. Take the estimated transaction fee into account and click "Submit" to sign the transaction and complete the process:

Add a Validator

Using this feature, you can add single or multiple validators to your nominations.

To add validators, you must first add them to your Favorites tab from the Validators tab. Click on the heart icon next to a validator to add it to your Favourites:


See this article for more info on the Validators and Favorites tabs.

1. Once added, return to the Nominate tab and click "Add From Favorites":

2. Mark each validator you would like to add to your nominations. Note the transaction fees and click "Submit" to complete the process:

You should now see the new validator show up under the nominations section.


If you joined a nomination pool, you cannot change validators. It's up to the Nominator of the pool to modify its nominations. Visit the "Pools" section on the staking dashboard to know the Nominator and your pool nominations. 

If you are more of a visual learner, check the video guide below. It covers everything you can do after you start staking. You can skip to 5:57 to learn about changing your nominations: