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Nomination pools are designed to permissionlessly allow members to pool their funds together and act as a single nominator account. You can read more details about this feature on the wiki page.

Benefits of joining a nomination pool:

  • No staking minimum
  • You don't need both a stash and controller account
  • No minimum to receive rewards (as low as 1 DOT can earn rewards!)
  • More control over rewards
  • A nominator can select validators on your behalf
  • Validators can attract more staking input


The convenience of being a member of a nomination pool may involve having to pay a commission set by the pool manager. Check the pool's commission before joining it.

For a side-by-side comparison, visit the wiki "Nominating vs Joining a Pool".



Below is the "Overview" tab, where you will see information about your active pool.

1. At the top, you can see general information such as the number of active pools, the minimum amount needed to join a pool, and the minimum amount required to create a pool.

2. In this section, you can view your bonded funds, add tokens to the pool, or remove a portion of tokens from the pool.

3. The "Leave" button allows you to leave a pool completely, while "Withdraw" will claim your portion of the pool rewards. The "+Bond" button allows you to bond your rewards back into the pool. You can also view the current status of the pool.

4. This section keeps track of the pool's nominations. Only owner and nominator roles can change pool nominations.

Breaking down the icons further, the percentage symbol displays the validator's commission rate. The small icon with blocks in the center indicates this individual is validating parachain blocks.

Clicking the chart icon will load the validator's recent era points.


The roles section shows which accounts hold pool administrator roles. Only the Root account can change the Nominator, Bouncer, or itself.


See this article for a detailed description of roles and limitations.

Pool Stats

In addition to the pool state and total bonded, the pool stats section also shows the state of the pool, its commission, the number of pool members, and the funds bonded on said nomination pool.


The "Members" tab displays all the current members of the pool you have joined.

All Pools

The "All Pools" tab lets you see all available pools on the network. Using the search function, you can look for a specific pool.

This tab also allows you to select pools to add to the "Favourites" tab, which you can do by toggling the "heart" icon. In addition, you can also see view the pool's commission, pool ID, and the pool members.

Select the "burger menu" icon to copy the pool address and view the nominations for that specific pool. Active nominations will display the green text noting the nomination amount.


The "Favorites" tab reflects the pools you have chosen from the "All Pools" tab.

This article briefly introduced the nomination pool sections in the staking dashboard. If you want to join a pool using the dashboard, visit the article "Staking Dashboard: How to Join a Nomination Pool" or watch the following video. Go to the mark the mark 13:07 to see it in action: