In this article, we explore step-by-step how you can receive funds on any chain supported by Subwallet.


If you have any questions about how to receive funds on Subwallet or run into any issues and require further assistance, feel free to ask our AI chatbot or contact us.

Alternatively, you can also read Subwallet's documentation or contact their team directly and receive specialized assistance from the team that developed the wallet.

You can contact Subwallet support either by joining their Discord server, on Telegram, or through email.


Subwallet is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android, as a browser extension, and as a web app. The UX and UI of all three platforms are pretty consistent.

In this and other articles, we provide instructions for the browser extension. If there are differences between the extension and the mobile app, we'll make sure to point them out or provide separate instructions.


How to receive funds

All you need to receive funds in one of your accounts is the account's address, and a little attention to ensure that the funds are sent on the intended chain.

1. From Subwallet's main page, click on the "address icon" 

2. A list of available assets will open up, where you can search for the asset you want to receive.

Here you need to make sure you select the appropriate chain and "flavor" (like "regular" DOT or liquid DOT) of the token you want to receive. These are written in detail in the token's description but also signified by the small icon on the bottom right.


All these options exist because although an account can be used on any chain, its address is different from chain to chain. You can read more about address formats in this wiki article.

If you are sending from Subwallet or another ecosystem wallet or dapp, chances are the funds will arrive on the intended chain (as specified in the sending app) regardless of the address format you choose. 

However, other wallets or exchanges might reject an address format of a different chain, or the funds might accidentally be sent to the wrong chain.

The important factor here is the chain you want to receive these tokens on, because that will determine the address format of your account that will be used.

Generally, the address of your account for a specific chain will be the same regardless of the "flavor" you choose. But as this might not be the case for all chains forever, it's best to ensure you are choosing the correct flavor too.

3. Then click on the small "copy icon" to copy the address to the clipboard.

Alternatively, you can click on the little "QR icon" to display the address' QR code. In that case, you can also view the account's details on a block explorer by clicking on "View account on explorer".

4. If you copied the address, then simply paste it into the sending app or share it with your counterparty. Otherwise, you or the counterparty can scan the QR code with a mobile app.

Alternative method

There is another way to receive funds that is very similar to what was described in the previous section.

1. From the main page, click on the token you want to receive

2. In the next screen, you will see the various chains (from the enabled chains) where this token might exist.

If you are on the "All accounts" view, this is the token's distribution on all your accounts. If you are viewing a single account, the balances shown are for this particular account.

3. Then follow the instructions in the previous section to send your tokens.

The only difference is that when you click to choose the chain and "flavor" of the token to receive, the list of available chains is filtered for the token you selected previously.