Talisman Wallet and Talisman Portal provide a convenient feature allowing you to check the balance and activity of any account without the need to import its mnemonic phrase. This offers a handy method to review the balance of either someone else's account or one of your offline accounts.


If you have any questions about Talisman or run into any issues and require further assistance, feel free to ask our AI chatbot or contact us.

Alternatively, you can join Talisman's Discord server and receive specialized assistance from the team that developed the wallet. This communication channel is also an important feedback loop for the Talisman team to improve the wallet, and they always appreciate hearing from users.


How to add a read-only account in Talisman Wallet


Note that if you add a read-only account, even if its balance is shown as part of the total portfolio, you won't be able to operate from that account.

This section will guide you through the simple process of adding a read-only account to your Talisman Wallet. Follow the steps below to learn how:

1. To add a read-only account in Talisman Wallet, click the three horizontal dots ("More options") and then select "Add account."

2. While there will be several options to create or import accounts, choose the one at the bottom: "Add watched account."

3. Select Polkadot to add a Substrate account (i.e., Polkadot, Kusama, and most parachains).

4. After selecting Polkadot, provide a name and the public address for the account you're adding. You also have the option to display the account balance as part of the total portfolio shown in Talisman Wallet.

5. Click "Add" and that's it! You will follow the balance and status of the account from Talisman Wallet!

How to add a read-only account in Talisman Portal

It doesn't matter whether you have Talisman Wallet installed in your browser to follow an account; you can add it directly in Talisman Portal. Here are the steps to do so:

1. Visit Talisman Portal.

2. If you don't have a wallet connected to Talisman Portal in your browser, you'll be welcome with a message prompting you to either install a wallet or look up any account.

If you already have a wallet installed and connected to Talisman Portal, you can find the "Follow account" option by clicking in the "All accounts" drop-down menu within the "Portfolio" tab.

3. Paste the public address of the account you wish to follow and click "Add". Additionally, you can assign it a name in case you already have other accounts in your portfolio.

4. And that's it! You can now follow the balance and activity of any account via Talisman Portal.