This article explains how to view the most current activity from any of the accounts in your wallet from Talisman Portal.


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Follow the steps below to list the activity of any or all of your accounts connected to Talisman Portal:

1. Visit Talisman Portal.

2. Click on the "History" icon on the left side of the screen.

3. From the new screen, you can apply one or several filters to the table listing the last extrinsics from the accounts:

    (1) Account: Drop-down menu allowing the selection of a specific account to filter the transaction history.

    (2) TX hash or account: You can paste either the specific transaction hash or the account you wish to check.

    (3) Chain: Filter by network.

    (4) Module: Filter by the type of transaction.

    (5) Start date: Limit the search to transactions signed after the indicated date.

    (6) End date: Limit the search to transactions signed before the indicated date.

Additionally, you can either export the history (7) as a CSV file or view the details of each extrinsic by clicking on it (8).


Transaction history in Talisman Portal will only show successful transactions.

To check possible failed transaction, check your transaction history from a block exporer: "Where Can I See the Transaction History of my Polkadot Account?"